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4 Quick Tips To Sell Your Home

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Thu 10 Oct 2019

4 Quick Tips To Sell Your Home

Selling your home is a lengthy process from start to finish. A lot of time can pass from the moment you get the first inkling or notion to move on, until you sell up and continue your journey. However, a lot of moments also pass quickly. Given you often have a limited time to make a positive impression, you need to act fast, and this is an area where we can help you. Here are four quick tips to sell your home.

Prepare as much as you can

Don’t wait until you need something to have it ready. When you sell your home, you know you need to access a lot of important documents, so make sure you know what these documents are, where they are, and have them ready.

If you need help determining which documents you need, speak to us, a solicitor or even a mortgage advisor. It is vital you get help from experts and professionals who have considerable experience in selling homes.

Documents you need or which will be handy to have, but you may have forgotten about include boiler warranties, certificates for windows and doors and the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your home. There is a legal requirement to have an EPC when you sell your home, so if you don’t have one in place, arrange this as soon as you can.

Spend time in the garden

Who doesn’t love spending time in their garden? Of course, now we are moving into autumn, the thought of spending time outside your home becomes less appealing. However, it is vital you create a positive first impression with viewers, and this means offering kerb appeal.

If you plan on welcoming viewers to your home soon, pay attention to the leaves falling from the trees. Leaves look fantastic on the trees but when they fall onto grass, they look unsightly, and when they fall onto paths, they become a menace.

It is vital you create a clean and clear pathway, so take time to remove all leaves from your paths and driveways.

Take care of the repair jobs you haven’t completed yet

It is easy to see why repair jobs build up over time. We lead busy lives, and while many people have great intentions to take care of the many tasks and jobs at home, we never find time to do so. However, if you are selling your home, you only have a limited amount of time, so make sure you act as soon as possible.

The best local estate agent makes a difference when selling your home

The right estate agent helps you sell your home faster, and without compromise. There is no denying local information and insight helps you sell your home. If you’re looking for a local estate agent in and around Bury St Edmund’s, please get in touch with Coakley & Theaker. We are pleased to say we have helped many local vendors sell their home, and we look forward to assisting you as best we can.