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Bury St Edmunds Vendors: For Sale Boards Work

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Tue 26 Nov 2019

Bury St Edmunds Vendors: For Sale Boards Work

We know the importance of having an online presence and digital marketing when selling your home. We are pleased to say we have helped many Bury St Edmunds vendors develop a strong presence online, and this has helped them connect with buyers. However, we still believe many traditional aspects are essential for selling your home, including for sale boards.

Currently, for sale boards are an optional extra Bury St Edmunds vendors, and many of you think this is a great feature to have at your property. It is often a matter of personal taste, but for sale boards attract attention, and this often leads to more people taking an interest in your home.

For sale boards connect buyers and vendors

While buyers begin their search on online property portals, for sale boards help connect with other buyers. Some people or households don’t intend to move home until they see a fantastic opportunity arising. Someone in your local area may be looking for a nearby home for a family member, and the for sale sign could jolt them into action. There is even the chance that the for sale board will feature in a conversation, and this may lead to someone taking an interest in the property.

Also, if you are hosting viewings at your property, a for sale board makes it easier for people to find your home. We believe for sale boards have a role to play in the modern property market, and this is why we are happy to provide this service to our vendors if required.

Not everyone loves for sale boards

However, it seems as though not everyone is happy with for sale boards. A leading local authority in London has requested the power to ban these boards, asking the Government for support. If Camden Council receives backing, for sale boards, and all other estate and letting agent boards, will only be erected if planning permission is granted.

There was a consultation in Camden earlier in 2019, and 89% of respondents agreed with plans to bring about a ban across the borough. The local council stated there had been over 1,000 complaints about the boards in the past five years. This may owe more to agents not removing boards after a sale or let has occurred as opposed to the boards themselves, but it is an issue worth considering.

A local councillor, Cllr Danny Beales said: “It’s clear from our consultation that an overwhelming majority of residents support the change. The boards are cluttering our streets, often left for months on end, effectively free advertising.”

If planning permission must be required for these boards, it should be easier to recognise agents who don’t take responsibility for the removal of these boards. This could be an option that pleases residents.

If you are selling your home, and you want a comprehensive level of support from a local property market specialist, we are happy to help. We can arrange a free valuation of your property, and if you need assistance in any other matter, contact us today.