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Connect With Buyers In 2022

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Sun 06 Feb 2022

Connect With Buyers In 2022

You know there is demand for homes these days, and that the supply of homes is unable to keep up. However, this doesn’t mean homeowners can afford to become complacent when going to market.

There are still things many prospective buyers hate to see, and these should be avoided at all costs.

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What issues do buyers hate to see in a home?

A study by designer radiator specialists, BestHeating, which spoke to more than 2,000 people, found the issues which put people off when looking at a home.

The following reasons were cited:

  • 63% of prospective buyers said structural issues put them

  • 62% of potential buyers are put off a home by damp

  • 57% of buyers say mould puts them off buying a house

  • 52% say cracks are the factor that turns them off making an offer on a home

  • 51% of buyers say leaks are the factor that stop them desiring a house

  • 46% of potential buyers are put off by neighbours

  • 27% of buyers are thwarted by the layout of the house

  • 10% of buyers are put off by the décor of the property

John Lawless, content marketing manager of BestHeating commented: “Buying a house is the biggest commitment you can make so it is interesting to see that we appear to favour moves to less populated areas rather than the liveliest and most inhabited cities like London or Birmingham where Brits really don’t want to live. As seen by the desire to live in either York or Bath, we want space and greenery for our homes but would also like to be somewhere with history so that it strikes the right balance between not being too busy but being well known.”

John concluded by saying; “It is vital that when looking for the next property that you do all the correct checks as the last thing you want is a financial headache later when you find out that the house you thought was perfect has lots of problems. Remember, no issue is too small to question even if it is that the neighbours are nosey.”

What do property builders think of the 2022 housing market?

A useful opinion to have with respect to the housing market is what homebuilders think. A recent study uncovered the following opinions:

  • 70% of property builders believe that changing lifestyle requirements will drive buyer behaviour in 2022.

  • 71% of housebuilders said they felt “cautiously optimistic” regarding what lies ahead in 2022.

  • 60% of property builders forecast new build home prices will settle into a period of “continued steady growth” as opposed to continually setting peak levels.

  • 62% of property builders believe transaction levels will revert to levels previously seen before the pandemic

  • 60% of housebuilders raised concerns about the impact an increase in interest rates might have

Daniel Hill, Managing Director, WhatHouse? said: “It’s still early days. We are yet to see the full impact of the pandemic on home buyers’ behaviour. Hybrid and home-based working continues to be trial and error for many businesses, once a seismic and more permanent shift takes place we will once again experience a surge in people considering relocation and hunting for more inside and outside space.”

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