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Improvements And New Venues In Bury St Edmunds

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Tue 01 Aug 2023

Improvements And New Venues In Bury St Edmunds

There are many reasons people are drawn to Bury St Edmunds, but the link between old and new is important. While we all want to live in a clean and modern town, there is a lot to be said for living in an area which respects the past.

One of the most important features in any town centre is their war memorial, or any statue or marker of local people who gave their all.

The memorial dates back well over 100 years, having been constructed in 1904. The memorial was created to give thanks to 193 men, all from the Suffolk Regiment, who died in the Boer War. It is fair to say the war memorial has seen better days, but the Bury St Edmunds Town Trust is set to revitalise it, making it look far more fitting.

The overall cost of cleaning and repairing is set to cost around £25,000 and £12,500 of this is coming from the town council. The Trust will look for additional funding from other sources, but many will agree this is an important task for the local community.

There is a call to upgrade this part of the town

Jonathan Lloyd, chairman of the town trust, spoke to Suffolk News, saying: “It may not be a building, but it’s part of the heritage of the town. It’s a statue which needs regular upkeep and it hasn’t been done for a number of years.”

Chairman Nigel Wolstenholme spoke to Suffolk News, saying: “I think if it was maintained and cleaned every year it would be a lot better but it’s been allowed to get into a sorry state over a few years. We honestly believe that we should remember all of the sacrifices of those who put themselves between us here and danger.”

While it is great to see traditional and long-standing features of the local community receiving some love and attention, it is also pleasing to see new ventures in the local area.

New addition to the Bury St Edmunds bar scene

Nightlife and places to socialise have a huge impact on the attractiveness of an area, which is why news of a new bar launching after a £200,000 revamp is particularly pleasing for Bury St Edmunds.

You can look out for Nightjars, which is all set to launch on the weekend of September 9th, and the venue is at 9 St Andrew’s Street South. You might remember this spot as Karooze Café Bar, but it is all change from next month.

A spokesperson for the bar was published in Suffolk News as saying: “Punch Pubs are committed to breathing some new life into this dated and tired business. We are very excited to give Bury a venue where everyone is welcome that focuses on great service and standards. It is more of a repositioning of the bar in the market, rather than a relaunch, and follows on from the success of our similar venue, the Wildman, in Norwich.”

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