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Planning Your Next Property Move?

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Thu 05 Aug 2021

Planning Your Next Property Move?

The housing market in England has been extremely busy of late, but not everyone is looking to move. At Coakley & Theaker, we are more than happy to help you plan your move, but if your focus is on the future as opposed to now, we can help you too.

If you are thinking about moving in a couple of years, please erst assured that you are not alone in thinking like this.

Information taken from the English Housing Survey, suggests:

  • One in every eight home movers across the UK expects to be in their new home for less than 5 years, over one third for a decade or less.

  • Over half of home buyers aged up to 34 expect to move again within a decade, 18% only expecting to be in their next home for 5 years of less.

  • While younger buyers expect to move quite quickly, 44% of those aged 55-64 and 35% of those aged 65+ expect to be in their new home for over 20 years.

  • In 2019/20, those with a mortgage spent an average of 10 years in their home. This compares to 23.8 years for owner-occupiers who own their property outright

When do you expect to move?

The figure of one in 8 respondents plan to move home within five years is of interest, especially when you consider the level of upheaval the housing market has experienced in the past year. These are challenging times, but a lot of people have moved recently. Therefore, if that figure holds, there will likely be a lot of moves in the next five years.

If you are considering a move, you should have plenty of opportunity in the market, and we are here to assist and support you, whatever move you make.

Think about your options and plan ahead

There is never a bad time to start planning your next move, even if it is likely to be a few years away. Knowing where you would like to move to, what your budget is likely to be, what facilities matter to you, and what transport options you need close at hand will help you make a better choice when the time comes for you to move.

You can also consider ways that will improve your home when placing it onto the market. A better looking home, or perhaps a more spacious property, will attract more willing buyers. You should also find you can attract a better price for your property, which is something that most people would be happy with.

You don’t want to rush around doing all this at the last moment, so start your planning now, and maximise your move when the time comes.

At Coakley & Theaker, we aim to support the local community as much as we can, and we know this is an extremely trying time. A lot of people are looking for support and guidance, and if you have any property or housing related questions, we are more than happy to assist you, so contact us today.