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What Buyers Search For When Looking For A New Home

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Wed 21 Aug 2019

What Buyers Search For When Looking For A New Home

Selling your home is a challenging process, but there are steps you can take to make the process easier. While many vendors focus on their expectations, it is better to concentrate on what buyers want. When you know what buyers want from your property, it becomes easier to tailor your house to their needs.

When you stage your home to attract the most likely buyers, you enhance your chances of selling your house fast. You also increase the chances of selling your home for the best possible price. Therefore, vendors need to know what buyers search for when looking for a new home.

Information provided by Rightmove in May of 2019 is useful. The popular property portal celebrated the first anniversary of offering keyword search terms on their site by listing the most popular search terms.

Online property portals have transformed the property market

The emergence of online property portals transformed the property market, making it easier for buyers to search for homes. Most searches focused on price, location and number of bedrooms. However, with Rightmove adding a search term to their site, buyers have the opportunity to dig deeper into listings, narrowing down their options.

The three most popular search terms used in the first year of the Rightmove search facility were:

·        Garage

·        Annexe

·        Acre

If you have one of the elements in your property, make sure it is included in your property listing, because buyers want to see these features. Of course, if you don’t have any of these features, there is no need to panic.

The underlying theme that links these three terms is buyers are looking for more space at home. There are many aspects that buyers find advantageous in a property, but the functionality of space is critical. Therefore, you should focus your attention on creating as much space as you can.

Declutter your home to make it more attractive

No matter the size of your home, decluttering your house before placing it on to the market is a smart move. Decluttering creates more space, it makes it easier to clean your home, and it removes many personal belongings.

When you live in the property, it is the personal belongings that turn a house into a home. However, if a prospective buyer looks at your home and sees your belongings, they’ll be reminded it is your home. This creates a barrier for some buyers, preventing them from imagining the house playing host to themselves and their loved ones. If you can, declutter as best you can.

If you intend to carry out home improvements at your property, think about the features buyers love to see. If you can afford to add a garage or an annexe to your house, it will help you appeal to more prospective buyers.

Making your home more appealing to buyers is a sensible strategy when selling your home. There are other steps you can take to make your home more attractive, and we are more than happy to help. A sensible starting point is to have your home valued, and you can get a valuation with us. When you wish to sell your home, Coakley & Theaker is on hand to help, so get in touch.