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Why A Floor Plan Helps You Sell Your Home

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Sat 14 Sep 2019

Why A Floor Plan Helps You Sell Your Home

If you want to sell your home, it makes sense to appeal to buyers as best you can. There are many things buyers want to see when they review property listings and look for homes. A floor plan is something that most buyers are happy to see, which is great news if you’re a vendor. Here is why a floor plan helps you sell your home.

A 2018 study into selling property, 80% of vendors said floor plans were very useful or essential when listing their property. When buyers were asked the same question, 88% agreed that floor plans were essential or very useful.

It isn’t technically necessary to have a floor plan to sell a home, but it often helps. If you were being pedantic, you could argue images, video walkthroughs and detailed listings aren’t necessary to sell homes either, but they help. These aspects all make a difference in drawing buyers to the listing, and they make a massive difference in persuading a buyer to consider the property.

Floor plans are vital in helping a buyer visualise the flow of a property

Images of your house are essential when listing property. Photographs allow prospective buyers to get a feel for rooms and to imagine themselves living in the house. However, a floor plan brings these images together, allowing the buyer to pull together rooms and picture the whole house.

Also, if your home has something unique or unusual, a floor plan makes it easier for a buyer to get their head around what is on offer. At the most basic level, if you provide accurate measurements in your floor plan, you provide buyers with vital information.

Your floor plan may cause some buyers to lose interest in the property, but if these buyers were always going to lose interest at some point, it is better to lose them sooner rather than later. However, if a buyer has reviewed your floor plan measurements and is still content with what your home offers, they become a more interested party.

Buyers are more interested in property listings when there is a floor plan

With a floor plan, a buyer easily sees which is situated where, what it is next to, and what the overall shape and style of the property is. This information makes a massive difference in piquing a buyer’s interest. Research undertaken by Rightmove suggests than when there is no floor plan in a property listing, more than a third of buyers are less likely to enquire about the property. The same study suggests 20% of respondents would completely ignore the property listing.

Floor plans help buyers mentally move in

When a buyer imagines themselves living in your home, a sale is much more likely. Floor plans are vital in placing a buyer into your home, even when they are sat in the comfort of their own property.

If you want to ensure your property engages prospective buyers, a floor plan is essential, and we can help you reach likely buyers. Also, if you’re selling your home, you need an accurate valuation, and we can assist with this matter. Contact Coakley & Theaker to book a valuation, and for any estate agency needs you may have.